I'm a UX Designer and User Researcher
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My story in three parts.


I've conducted user research in emerging countries. My ethnography work has focused on how cultural beliefs influence people's interaction with technology.


I began my career journey as a tv news reporter. For years, I interviewed people from all walks and told their stories. This experience has given me a deep sense of communication as key to joyful user experiences. Beautiful UI isn't enough. You must also have beautiful messaging.


I've lived in 4 countries, traveled to many more, and speak Arabic. From living in the jungles of Thailand to the deserts of Oman, my worldview has shaped my perspective on design and how I create user experiences.

My Work

A little of this. A little of that.

UX/UI Projects

UX Design

Style Lend: Personas, App Creation.

Design Recommendations

Together10: Messaging Study. A/B Testing. Design Recommendations.

App Redesign

SpotOn: Usability Test. Design Recommendations.

New Feature

Pinterest: Personas. New Feature Creation. Wireframes. Prototypes.

App Redesign

SpotOn Part 2: Personas. Usability Test. New Feature Creation. Wireframes.

App Creation

Tights or Scarves: Passion Project. App Creation, Design & Development.

Design Recommendations

Vint: Usability Test. User Flow. Design Recommendations.

User Research Projects

User Research

Ethnography In The Middle East Part 1: Ethnographic Analysis. Personas. Usability Tests.

User Research

Dell's Solar Powered Classroom: Ethonography. Personas. Usability Tests.


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