Beloved Experiences

When is the last time you’ve had what you would describe as a “joyful experience” with a product? As a designer, I hope that people who use the products I create have a memorable, truly joyful experience. (You see how I’m avoiding the word “delightful?” More on that in a separate post)

I’d like to share a few beloved experiences with you that will hopefully inspire your design approach.

The Nostalgic App

Just download it now if you haven’t already!

Timehop is the one app that I am actually excited to open each day. Why? The nostaligia factor. Timehop shows you the things you’ve posted on social media this day one, two, three, etc. years ago.

Sometimes it’s a bittersweet memory, like of my time living abroad in Oman. Other times, it’s a sweet reminder of when new chapters began, like moving to San Francisco.

It is one of the few apps that truly makes me sad when it’s buggy and doesn’t operate correctly.

The MidCentury Modern Planter

Case Planters
When you think of beloved experiences, think of both the virtual and physical products you interact with. For me, one of my most favorite products are these two planters I purchased last year from Modernica. Why do I love them? For one, their design speaks to me. I’m a MidCentury nut. Two, the product does exactly what it describes. It holds my plants safely and doesn’t leak water. It’s a logical product that displays beauty.

The Creative Medium

My Pinterest Main Feed

I love Pinterest…and I don’t mean for just cooking inspiration. I actually use Pinterest as a visual inspiration board for the stories I write. Here’s a secret - I’m writing a book currently. It’s based on real events but the characters are fictional. In order to get into the character’s head, I created a Pinterest profile and began following the types of pins that this character would care about. Before long, I created a visual board representing my character that now serves as inspiration when I write. This has made Pinterest much more than a vehicle for crockpot recipes. It’s make for a beloved (and creatively necessary) experience

So what about you? What are some beloved experiences you’ve had with products? Tweet me and let me know!