What Inspires You?

As a UX Designer, it’s part of the job to look for inspiration. I hope I’ll always be constantly inspired by the world around me and the brilliant work of talented artists and designers.

In that spirit, I’d like to share my ‘Inspiration Notebook’ with you. This is compiled of different images of UIs that inspire me.

For example, I love Pinterest’s board display. The simple and elegant way my pictures are displayed convey a warm yet not overly-fussy tone.

Here’s Loverly, a wedding planning app that I’m currently very taken with.

Users can begin their search by selecting a color in the spetreme. It’s an interesting and unique way to present search.

Good Eggs is one of my favorite apps. It provides local foods delivered to your door. They recently redesigned their site and streamlined their categories.

Click on ‘Eggs & Diary.’ Good Eggs always has a great cheese selection!

The result is a simple, delightful categories bar that makes it very clear which categories contain what types of food. I love it!

From joyful experiences with apps like Super to delighfully clear and simple interfaces of Good Eggs and Loverly, here are some of the UIs that inspire my work.