Don’t mind me staring at you, I’m just sketching

Drawing has always been a bit intimidating to me. I can see an idea or concept in my head but when it comes to putting pen to paper and communicating it visually, I would freeze up.

So when we were given the assignment (challenge?) to draw 100 sketches in 2 days, I was nervous. So nervous. But, I love observing and people watching, which is an integral part of sketching.

Over the past few days, I’ve opened my eyes to lines, shapes and flows. I’ve found more grace with my drawing ability.

We were given exactly 100 cards, so if I mess up, I push on rather than trash the card and start over. It was surprisingly freeing.

People were the biggest challenge for me but I learned to focus more on their shapes than details.

Context. I sketched many of my fellow Tradecrafters interacting with their phones and computers.

The more I sketched, the easier it became to do this- especially helpful when I tried to sketch movement.

Flow. A lady pushing a stroller, a man running in the Embarcadero.

Sketching a space from above proved to be an interesting challenge and it made me consider space between objects more closely. (It also inspired me to rearrange my furniture.)

Space. Aerial view of my bedroom & living room.

As hesitant as I felt on Monday about sketching, I really enjoyed this assignment. It gave me a little more confidence in drawing and helped me to see the space around me in a different light.