SpotOn Part 1: Listing A Spot

SpotOn is a new startup that helps marry frustrated drivers looking for parking with people who have driveways not always. Example: I only use my driveway in the evenings. With SpotOn, I can list the spot and rent it out for X amount of money hourly or monthly. If I’m a driver and have been searching for parking for the past hour, I can see an available spot near me thanks to SpotOn.

If you live in San Francisco (or any big city) you can imagine how a service like this could be a lifesaver for city dwellers.


SpotOn has two site experiences: Listers & Parkers. They wanted to tackle the Listers side first. They built a prototype and wanted to validate the design before shipping. Tradecraft came onboard to help.

Reviewing The Prototype


After getting to know the SpotOn product and design stories, we created a usability guide and performed usability tests with users fitting the SpotOn persona. This involved taking them through a predetermined list of tasks and observing their reaction to and interactions for each task. We then analyzed the user tests, noting patterns and pain points. We categorized each issue as one of discoverability, information input/editing, user orientation or feedback. Based upon this matrix, we created design recommendations, quick wins and recommended next steps for SpotOn Parking.

Pain Points

We analyzed the user tests, noting patterns and pain points. Each issue can be categorized as one of discoverability, information input/editing, user orientation or feedback.

Each red dot represents a user’s pain point

Usability Analysis & Design Recommendations

Landing Page Pain Points

This is what the site used to look like

Design Recommendations

Minimal changes to create an optimal user experience. Overall, the landing page was a quick win.

Implemented Changes

Now, users have a clearer understanding of the different spot types.

Lister’s Registration Page Pain Points

Once a user decides they want to list a spot, they have to create a profile. Here’s what our usability test showed users thought of the process.

We found that users had the most issues with creating a spot profile.

Design Recommendations

Implemented Changes

The information box lets users know immediately what they will need to create their profile.

Here, you can that SpotOn implemented our recommendations for simplifying the process.

Users can easily block off dates for spot availability.

Conclusion & Next Steps

Our analysis found that most issues lie within the ‘Listers Registration’ page. We recommended a new form that will help users more easily navigate this page.

Beyond this recommendation, SpotOn also implemented our recommendations for quick wins.

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