SpotOn Part 2: Finding A Parking Spot

SpotOn is a new startup that helps marry frustrated drivers looking for parking with people who have driveways not always. Example: I only use my driveway in the evenings. With SpotOn, I can list the spot and rent it out for X amount of money hourly or monthly. If I’m a driver and have been searching for parking for the past hour, I can see an available spot near me thanks to SpotOn.

SpotOn has two site experiences: Listers & Parkers. In Part 1, I shared how we helped SpotOn redesign the listers site. Now, I’ll show you how we redesigned the parkers site.


After redesiging the Lister’s site, SpotOn approached us to redesign the Parker’s site. They knew the site did not offer the best user experience and wanted help identifying the pain points.


After discussing tasks and goals, we created a usability guide, recruited users who fit the personal and took them through a predetermined set of tasks, noting patterns and pain points. After creating an opportunity matrix, we offered design recommendations and next steps.

Pain Points

We categorized each pain point as one of discoverability, information input, user orientation and feedback.

Each red dot represents a user’s pain point

Usability Analysis & Design Recommendations

Landing Page Pain Points

Design Recommendations

Spot Availability Page Pain Points

Design Recommendations

Parker’s Registration Page Pain Points

Design Recommendations

Quick Wins

We recommended the following quick win because it required little resources and could be implemented quickly.

Conclusion & Next Steps

Our analysis found that most issues lie within the ‘Spot Availability’ and ‘Vehicle Registration’ page. We recommended that SpotOn Parking focus efforts on discoverability of spots and times and the input of account information.

SpotOn will be implementing these recommendations over time and I’ll keep you updated as they move forward!

Click here for Part 1 of my work with SpotOn’s Listers page.